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Congratulations to all of my wonderful clients & their families.Events and Weddings for 2009 , 2010 and 2011, 2012

I love what I do and being their for all of your special occasions is magical.


January 17, 2009- Wedding for Jason Guzik & Chiarina Ferguson- Nanina's In the Park- Bellville NJ- Sensational ,gorgeous venue

January 24, 2009- Frank & Cathy Lonardo- Company- Post holiday party in Atlantic Highlands NJ

February 11, 2009-Ferguson Inc.- Meeting with ASID designers & Corporate party in their Red Bank NJ showroom.

Feb 13, 2009- Bat Mitztvah- Amanda Green- Temple Of Flatbush- Brooklyn NY

Feb. 28,2009- Bar Mitzvah- Gabriel Gold-Manhattan Beach Jewish Center- Brooklyn NY

March 14, 2009- Dr. Plamen & Dr. Villana Kossev-Salt Creek Grille-

Rumson- Celebration of Life party for their family and colleagues from Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch NJ

April 19,2009- Eileen Steinhauser- Party in Shrewsbury NJ

April 18, 2009- Skyler Goldberg- Bat Mitzvah- Temple Of Flatbush- Brooklyn NY

May 2,2009-Dina Lucchese- Communion for Ava- Lincroft NJ

May 2, 2009- Jennifer Cabrera- Communion- Holmdel NJ

May 2, 2009- Communion for Anthony- Cathy Dell'Anno in Colts Neck NJ

May 2, 2009-Diane Delandro- Communion- Freehold NJ

May 9, Kelly Montana- Communion-Middletown NJ

May 23, 2009- Wedding for Leo Myers & Charlotte Leliepvre- Debbie Myers home in Sea Girt NJ

May 24, 2009- Jackie & Micheal Walker- Holiday Party- Middletown NJ

May 30, 2009- Chris Maher- Graduation Party- Holmdel NJ

May 30, 2009- Elecktra Tropeano- Birthday party for Freddie- Holmdel NJ

May 31, 2009- Micheal Trepicchio- Birthday Party for Mr. Trepicchio Sr.- Atlantic Highlands NJ

May 31, 2009- Andrea Lasalandra- Birthday party for her Mother- Middletown NJ

June 6, 2009- Graduation party for Tara Mogan- Middletown NJ

June 27,2009- Laura Coulter- Graduation Party- Middletown NJ

June 20, 2009-Wedding for Alex & Lauren Hegner- Maryleigh Hegner- Little Silver NJ- Tower Hill Church

June 20, 2009- Graduation party- Lynette Esposito- Lincroft NJ

June 20, 2009- Shirley Williams- Party in Hazlet NJ

July 11, 2009- Wedding for Kristen Sheekey & Neil Geotze- Sea Bright NJ

July 11, 2009- Barbara Byrnes- Middletown NJ 07748

August 1, 2009- Jennifer Guinta-Middletown NJ07748

August 9,2009- Eileen Haggerty-Middletown NJ 07748

August 9, 2009- Jennifer & Jay Becker-Red Bank NJ 07701

August 22, 2009- Tom Walsh- Lincroft NJ

August 22, 2009 -Melissa & Anthony Venditti- Atlantic Highlands NJ 07716

August 24, 2009- Angela Hardie- Holmdel NJ 07730

Sept.6,2009- Lynette Esposito- Lincroft NJ

Sept.6,2009- Doris Dwek- Deal NJ

Sept.12, 2009- Margie Marranca- Ocean Town ship NJ

Sept. 13,2009- Jennifer Guinta- Middletown NJ

Sept.19, 2009- Megan Fahey- Red Bank NJ

Oct. 10, 2009- Dina Fiasconaro- Wedding in Asbury Park NJ

Oct. 17, 2009- Chrissy Macdonald-Shrewsbury NJ- Birthday Party

Oct. 23, 2009- Lorraine Nardiello- Colts Neck NJ-Birthday Party

Oct. 24,2009- Tom Glenn- Rumson NJ- Cocktail Party

Oct. 24, 2009- Pam Craig- Monmouth Beach NJ- Cocktail Party

Oct.25, 2009 Josephine Rada- Holmdel NJ- Birthday Party

Oct. 31, 2009- Mark Foster - Masquerade Ball- NYC

Nov.14, 2009- Gerard Mogan-Coktail party- MIddletown NJ

Nov. 19, 2009- Ferguson Enterprises- Corporate party in Red Bank NJ

Dec, 5, 2009- Debbie Castellano- Sweet Sixteen- Two River Theatre in Red Bank NJ

Dec.5, 2009- Sherry Pagnanelli- Marlboro NJ

Dec. 6, 2009- Jeanine Newberry- Holiday Party- Wall NJ

Dec. 13, 2009-Mary Lea Burden-Shrewsbury NJ

Dec. 18, 2009- Citi group - NYC- Holiday party

Dec. 18, 2009-Pam Toth- Holmdel NJ- Holiday Party

Dec.19, 2009-American Express NYC- Holiday party

Dec.19,2009- Val Dixon-Rumson NJ- Employee Holiday party

Dec. 19, 2009- Miriam Tort- Rumson NJ

Dec. 19, 2009- Shirley Williams- Hazlet NJ

Dec. 19, 2009-Judy Ramsey- Holmdel NJ

Dec. 20, 2009- NIcole Grady- Baptism- Freehold NJ

Dec.20, 2009-Joe Azure-Monmouth Beach NJ

Dec.20,2009-Jennifer Monte- Middletown NJ 07748

Dec. 24, 2009- Lorraine Nardiello- Christmas eve dinner- Colts Neck NJ

Dec. 24, 2009- Thersa & Brian- Christmas eve dinner- Ocean Port NJ

                     2010 Begins.................

Jan. 16, 2010- Amy Loniewski- Birthday Party- Aberdeen NJ

Feb. 6, 2010- Irene Baldassano- Private Party- Middletown NJ

Feb. 7, 2010- Lori Magoulas- Super Bowl Party- Eatontown NJ

Feb. 27, 2010- Cathy & Frank Lonardo- Employee Post Holiday Party- Atlantic Highlands NJ

Feb.27,2010- Drs. Kossev - Celebration of Life Event- Salt Creek Grille- Rumson NJ

Feb. 21, 2010 Vivian Trepicchio- Baby Shower- Atlantic Highlands NJ

May 1, 2010- Jennifer Forsyth- Communion-Aberdeen NJ

May 7,2010- Valerie Nemer- Rehersal Dinner-Red bank NJ

May 7, 2010- Jennifer Beck- Cocktail party- Rumson NJ

May 8, 2010- Barbara Traina- Communion Party- Holmdel NJ

May 8,2010- Louise Nardell- Sweet Sixteen- Julia Holmdel NJ

May 8, 2010- Joelle- Piccianno- Communion Party-Lincroft NJ

May 9, 2010- Jose Gomez- Elaina Hernandez- Wedding Parlin NJ

May 15, 2010- Ben Elias- Kim Pope- Wedding- LBI NJ

May 16, 2010-Ericka Coleman- Birthday party- Rumson NJ

May 22, 2010-Tracy Garguillo- Birthday Party- Hazlet NJ

May 29, 2010- Sue Sodon- Wedding- Rumson NJ

May 29, 2010- Joanne Masi-Graduation Party- Middleton NJ

June 5- 2010- Amy Beth Martin- Anniversary Party- Rumson NJ

June 5, 2010- Suzanne Caruso Party- Lincroft NJ

June 5, 2010-Ramona Matthews- Sweet Sixteen- Andrea- Colt Neck NJ

June 6, Jason Skadden- Baptism-Lincroft NJ

June 11, 2010- Blaze Venditti- Graduation Party , Atlantic Higlands NJ

June 12,2010- Barbara Etter- Graduation Party.Middletown NJ

June 12, 2010- Eileen Haggerty- Graduation party- Middletown NJ

June 12, 2010-Pat Unterstein- Lincroft NJ

June 12, 2010- Jordan Rosenstrach- Birthday Party- Holmdel NJ

June 19, 2010- Spencer Page- Birthday Party- Freehold NJ

June 19, 2010- Erika Ohare- Baptism- Middletown NJ

June 26,2010-Joan Devine- Middletown NJ

June 26,2010- April Mingione- BirthdayParty- Lincroft NJ

June 27,2010- Annie D'ambrise- Graduation Party- Marlboro NJ

July 9, 2010- Sweet Sixteen- Samamtha Lluberes- Eagle Oaks Country Club- NJ

July 10, 2010- Diane Duncan Baby shower- Tinton Falls NJ

July 10,2010- Shirley Williams-Family BBQ Hazlet NJ

July 17,2010-Paula Ruisi -Holmdel NJ- Baby Shower

July 24, 2010- Engagement Party-Camille Parrilla- Middletown NJ

July 24,2010- John & Joy Papaioannou Anniversary party- Colts Neck NJ

July 25, 2010- Craig & Dianna Davis- Birthday & Christening for Trevor- Holmdel NJ

July 31,2010- Marybeth Hennessey- Retirement Party- Bobby- Middletown NJ

Aug.7, 2010- Party at Moors Landing in Freehold NJ

Aug.7,2010- Maria Lewis- Graduation Party- Freehold NJ

Aug.29,2010-Debbie Glackin- Red Bank NJ

Sept.4,2010- Wedding for Jules Phiefer and Janet Rollo- Westfield NJ

Sept. 5, 2010- Labor day party at the Atlantis Yacht Club - Monmouth Beach NJ

Sept. 9,2010- Rehersal dinner- Audrey Krastins- Holmdel NJ

Sept. 11,2010- Holly Volpe Engagement party- Freehold NJ

Sept.11,2010- Wedding for Melanie Frost and Josh Taylor- Spring Valley NY

Sept.18,2010- Anthony & Melissa Venditti - Atlantic Highlands NJ

Sept. 25,2010- Joanne Imburgia- Engagement party for Jillian & Michael- Staten Island NY

Sept. 25,2010-Molly Aiello- Engagement party-Colts Neck NJ

Oct.9,2010- Engagement party for Beverly Ramos and Vincent Romeo- Brooklyn NY

Oct.23, 2010- Annmarie Bond & Joseph Morales -Wedding- Rumson NJ

Oct. 23, 2010- Marlboro Firehouse- Reunion Marlboro High School NJ

Oct. 23, 2010- Frank Penello- 50th Birthday Party- Middletown NJ

Oct. 30, 2010- Halloween gala - Rumson NJ- Mrs. Virginia Post

Nov. 11-Theresa McGuire- Anniversary Party- Lincroft NJ

Nov.19,2010- Sweet Sixteen- Linda- Grand Marquis- Old Bridge NJ

Nov. 20,2010- Brenda Morganthaler- Birthday and graduation Party

Nov. 26, 2010- Turkey Bowl- Lincroft NJ

Dec. 5,2010- Jeanie Newberry- Holiday Party

Dec. 11,2010- Angie Cody- Holiday Party- Lincroft NJ

Dec. 18, 2010- Miriam Tort- Rumson NJ- Holiday Party

Dec. 18, 2010- Sherri & Brian Pagnanelli- Marlboro NJ- Holiday party

Dec. 18, 2010 Shirley & Mike Williams- Holiday Party- Hazlet NJ

Dec. 24,2010- Lorraine Nardiello- Dinner -Christmas Eve

Dec. 24- Jennifer Guinta- Dinner- Christmas Eve

               2011 BEGINS........

Jan-15, 2011 Robert Lynch & Josie Matthews- Engagement Party-Rumson NJ

Jan.16, 2011-Melanie & Joseph Rogers- Wedding Renewal Ceremony- Brooklyn NY

Jan.21,2011- Lynn Bonner- 50th Birthday party- SI NY

Jan. 23, 20111- Emma & John Sage -Christening- Baby Johnny- SI NY

Feb. 5,2011- Beth Dinardo & William Marques - Wedding -Monmouth Beach NJ

Feb. 6- Lori Magoulas- Super Bowl party-Manasquan NJ

Feb. 12, 2011-Denise Mauthe- Cocktail party Holmdel NJ

Feb.13, 2011- Ilene Steinhauser- Cocktail party- Lincroft NJ

Feb.13,2011- Valentine Party- Julia Timmons- Monmouth Beach NJ

Feb.18, 2011- Commitment Ceremony- Ben Kirsh & Micheal Ross- Asbury Park NJ

March 5, 2011- Dr. P Kossev- Ocean Place Hotel- Celebration of Life Party

March 19, 2011- William Tinker & Debbie Newhouse- Wedding- Monmouth Beach NJ

March 19, 2011- Sarita Jensen- Party in Middletown NJ

March 25, 2011- Jennifer Basile & Ernie Novik- Engagement Party- SI NY

March 27, 2011- Westley Brady & Tanya Jenkins- Wedding- LBI NJ

April 2, 2011- Ben Atkins & Elana Torres- Wedding- LBI NJ

April 10, 2011- Denise Mauthe- Baptism- Holmdel NJ

April 19, 2011- Sheila Meyers- Passover Dinner- Ocean NJ

April 23,2011- Ginny Madison- Sweet Sixteen- Brielle NJ

April 29, 2011 Amanda Genova- Sweet Sixteen- Rumson NJ

April 30, 2011-Danielle's Bat Mitzvah- Addison Park, Cliffwood Beach NJ

May 7, 2011-Lisa Jordan Communion Party- Holmdel NJ

May 7, 2011- Josephine- Rada- Communion Party- Holmdel NJ

May 7, 2011- Jenn Rainess- Communion Party- Holmdel NJ

May 14, 2011- Tiffany Williams- Baby shower- Toms River NJ

May 14, 2011- Brenda Murphy and Douglas Scott- Wedding-Brooklyn NY

May 21, 2011- Chris Molin- Party- SI NY

May 21,2011- Jerry Ouellette and Candice Bidner Wedding- Long Branch NJ

May 21,2011- Jenny Jones- Graduation Party- Shrewsbury NJ

May 28, 2011- Sue Sodon- Rehersal Dinner- Rumson NJ

May 28, 2011-Kathy Woods- Engagement Party- Eatontown NJ

June 3- Patti Clifford- Graduation Party- Shrewsbury NJ

June 4, 2011- Cathy & Frank Lonardo- Employee Party- Atlantic Highlands NJ

June 4, 2011-Katie Tobin- Birthday Party- Tinton Falls NJ

June 4, 2011- Marie Mitterando- Communion-Fair Haven NJ

June 4, 2011- Amy Grimm- Graduation Party- Ocean Port NJ

June 4, 2011- Matt & Marie Signora- Graduation Party- Hazlet NJ

June 18, 2011-Donna Kokulak- Graduation Party- Middletown NJ

June 19, 2011- Mauve Parker & Nate Hoeschen- Wedding- Berkeley Ocean Front Hotel, Asbury

Park NJ

June 19,2011- Robin Alwell- Party- Holmdel NJ

June 25, 2011-Joanne Coppolino-Graduation Party in Holmdel NJ

June 25,2011- Chris Falanga Engagement Party- Middletown NJ

July 2, Randy Mayer- Party- Monmouth Beach NJ

July 2, 2011- Julia Cipriano- Party- Freehold NJ

July 3, 2011- Suzanne Gill- Party- Fair Haven NJ

July 16, 2011- Joanne Eccles- Graduation Party- Middletown NJ

July 30, 2011- Joe & Jennifer Guinta- Party- Middletown NJ

August 6, 2011- Jenny Jones- Party in Shrewsbury NJ

August 6, 2011-Brenda Mergenthaler- Party in Colts Neck NJ

August 13, 2011-Barbara Depalo-Graduation Party in Middletown NJ

August 13, 2011- Ken Titian- Memorial Service- Two River Theater- Red Bank NJ

Sept. 3, 2011- Shadow Lake Village Party in Middletown NJ

Sept. 10, 2011- Maria Lewis- Wedding Brunch- Freehold NJ

Sept. 17, 2011- Wedding for Chris & Vanessa- Monmouth Beach NJ

Sept. 17,2011- Melissa & Anthony Venditti - Atlantic Highlands NJ

Sept. 24, 2011- Angela Pagnanelli - Engagement Party- Marlboro NJ

Oct. 1, 2011- Wedding for Greg and Lucy- Monmouth Beach NJ

Oct. 8,2011- Wedding for Bea and Nate- Brooklyn NY

Oct.8, 2011- Party for Ben & Lilly James - Colts Neck NJ

Oct.14, 2011- Kathy Dell'Anno- Colts Neck NJ- Confirmation

Oct. 22,2011- Party for Mary Lohan- 50 th Birthday Party - Rumson NJ

Nov. 25, 2011 Turkey Bowl Party- Lincroft NJ

Dec. 4, 2011- Jeanie Newberry- Manasquan NJ

Dec.10,2011- Brian & Sherri Pagnanelli- Holiday Party- Marlboro NJ

Dec.16, 2011- Lori Magoulas- Employee Holiday Party

Dec.18,2011- Mike & Shirley Williams- Holiday Party- Hazlet NJ

Dec.24-2011- Christmas Eve - Family Dinner- Joe and Jennifer- Middleton NJ

Dec. 24, 2011- Christmas Eve- Family Dinner-Mr. & Mrs Nardiello- Colts Neck NJ

Dec. 31, 2011- New Years Eve Birthday Party & Sweet Sixteen- Middletown NJ

2012 Begins

Jan.19,2012- Mary Russo- SI- Suzanne Hamilton-Rehearsal Dinner

March 10,2012- Debbie Ganguzza -Engagement party- Monmouth Beach NJ

March 17,2012- Sweet Sixteen Debra Anne- Brooklyn NY

April 22,2012- Pam Gubitosi- Lincroft NJ Bridal Shower

April 28,2012- Engagement party For Brittany Eccles- Middletown NJ

April 28 2012- Megan Fahey- Communion- Red Bankl NJ

May 5, 2012- Illya Nesson- Matthews Communion- Holmdel NJ

May 27,2012- Pam Gubitosi- Lincroft NJ- Brunch

June 9,2012- Wedding for Jamie Brendan & Reese Gorden- Brooklyn NY

June 23,2012- Wedding for Elena Fitzgerald and Bart Nathaniel NYC

June 23,2012- Trisha Maguire party- Middletown NJ

July-14, 2012- Wedding for Matt Elias &-Drew Simmons NYC

July28,2012- Wedding for Ben Peterson & Regina Lowell - LBI NJ

August 25,2012- Rebecca Paul Sweet Sixteen- Avalon NJ

Sept.8,2012- Wedding for Micheal and Erin Locust NJ

Oct.27,2012- Bar Mitzvah- Matt Gerhardt- PNC Holmdel NJ